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Geological Survey

  • We have specialization in Founding Ground Water Source by Expert Geologist with Resistivity Meter Copper Rod (Dowsing) Method.

New Bore-well Drilling

  • 4.5" Dia. Borewell for water up to 500 feet Depth with Detachable Inwell Rig Machine

  • 6.5" Dia. Borewell for water up to 1000 feet Depth with DTH Hi-Speed Truck Mounted Rig Machine

  • 200mm to 300mm Bore Holes for Micro Pilling

  • 4" to 6" Dia. Bore Holes for Earthing, Rock Anchoring, Rock Breaking

Old Bore-well Service

  • Removing Submersible Pump, Pipe, Cable from Borewell

  • Jammed / Fallen Submersible Pump, Pipe, Cable from Borewell

  • Lowering Submersible Pump, Pipe, Cable in Borewell

  • Borewell Flushing & Cleaning with Hose Pipe / Rod Line / Hammer

  • Inserting Perforated Casing Pipe from ground level up to the bottom of Borewell

  • Borewell further drilling (i.e. Redrilling)

Report of Bore-well

  • After New Borewell Drilling / Old Borewell Flushing / Redrilling we give you report about: Diameter Depth of Bore  Yield of Water, Geological Strata

Rain Water Harvesting

  • Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and deposition of rainwater for reuse on-site, rather than allowing it to run off

  • In Rainwater harvesting varies types of Pits are made and major work of plumbing is to be done

  • for water to be gathered at one place so that water passed through filter pits

  • Rainwater harvesting is one of the simplest and oldest methods of self-supply of water for households

Suggestion of Pump

  • Diameter, HP, Stages, make of Pump, etc.

  • Pipe UPVC / G.I., size of pipe

  • Type of Cable size & Control Panel

New Installation

  • Borewell Submersible Pump

  • BMC U/G Tank Submersible Pump

  • BMC Booster Pump

  • Monoblock Water Pump

  • Fire Hydrant & Jockey & Booster Pump

  • Dewatering & Sewage Pump

  • Hydro-pneumatic Pressure System

Scientific / Herbal  Tank Cleaning

  • Tank Cleaning is an essential service that should be taken by societies & industrial sectors to store & supply water that meets safe drinking water quality standards.

  • Dewatering tank with pump, jet pressure cleaning through all walls using jet machine & disinfecting it using anti-bacterial chemicals & active-ingredient Sodium Hypochlorite Potassium Permegnet, spraying all walls with Herbal Chemical for keeping all walls free from green moss & finish with Ultra Violet Rays Treatment (UV tubes from Japan).

Service Center / Workshop

  • All Types of Water Pumps like Borewell, BMC, Booster, Monoblock, Fire, Jockey, Dewatering, Sewage, Hydropneumatic are repaired, overhauled, tested, painted, and serviced

  • All Types of Automatic Control Panel Board Repairing, Servicing

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